Confident Traveller

About the Project

Confident Traveller Project is set up by experienced travellers, business trip organisers and professional guides in order to help you to organise your trip quickly and professionally.

We have collected and continue collecting the best resources for organisation of your trip, meeting, conference or even team building.

We do not provide any services or sell products as such. We just provide you with resources to do it on your own.

We do our best to make you confident during your journey.

Travelling makes you feel good. Travelling brings new energy in your life.


Virtual guiding

Before set off on your journey, have a free virtual tour in romantic Prague, medieval Vadstena or to the roman ruins in Alcudia.

There are a number of videos to tell you interesting stories about the places, people and events from different parts of Europe. And it is all for free.

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Real-time guiding

You want to have a real person guiding you in your destination?

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Audio guiding

Another alternative is to buy an audio guide for your excursion. You can download it to your phone and have freedom and flexibility during your holiday.

You can always press pause and drink a coffee in a cozy cafe. Or you can listen the guide again and again.

You will be free from costly local guides, difficult foreign accents and boring facts. Enjoy the place you travel to.

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Private and business trip organisation

Trip organisation

There are a number companies who are happy to help you to arrange your trip according to your needs. It can be just a flight or a hotel reservation.... Or a romantic dinner in Vienna with classic opera performance... Or a full program, including excursions, guiding, meals or concert tickets.

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Conference organisation

Conferences or seminars give a unique chance to meet for people working together.

Your business meeting will be more effective if you enjoy the environment where the meeting is held.

We have selected some of the venues, which will make your business event and your stay unforgettable.

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The right accommodation at the right price is a combination, which is difficult to find. We have summarised some tips with resources where best to search and how to search your perfect accommodation of good value for both comfort and price.

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Team building

Your team looks worn out? There is no or little cooperation between the employees? Think about having a team building event for your employees.

It is funny and brings positive results not only for your employees but to the business as well.

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All you need for travel

We selected the most useful links you need for your trip.

You will find most complete basic information about each country we feature.

You will find our tips for your diet during traveling and even sport exercises to keep you in form.

...And don't forget to check our website as we update it regularly or sign in for our newsletter.

You will find all necessary information on the side panels.

Travelling teaches you about life demonstrating how other people live, what they experience and what their challenges are.

Travelling expands your mind and enriches your life with new experiences. Travelling widens your horizons and opens so many opportunities.

Curiosities and secrets

We have a big interest in various curiosities and secrets hidden in each country.

We would love to tell you about the countries through interesting and real stories that had happened once upon a time.

Do you know what we do not know? We would be happy to know if you dare share it with us. Just email to and we promise to keep it in secret except for telling this to the whole world.

Curiosities and secrets you will find both on the left panel and in the top menu.

Curiosity opens the world for you. Small things observed during your travel are like small doors into some other dimensions and time.

Secrets keep attracting you to learn the unknown and to observe the invisible.